Andrew Lawrence Price

Andrew Price is a Canadian born machine learning researcher and Aerospace engineer. He has lived, studied and worked in Canada, Japan, Sri Lanka and Switzerland. He is a native English speaker but can get by with French or Japanese in informal settings. He is PADI open water diver certified. He is married and has two annoying boys.

His research interests include machine learning, robotics, signal processing and orbital dynamics. He has experience with spacecraft qualification testing, in-flight measurements, environmental noise controllers, dataset image rendering, machine learning and network compression. Links to the various relevant projects can be found on this site under "Projects".

Project Highlight

Module-Wise network Quantization for 6D Object Pose Estimation.

This project employed machine learning to perform Six Degree of Freedom (6DoF) pose estimation on a number of different datasets. We then compressed the network using our novel module-wise compression approach. In certain cases, we were able to demonstrate higher accuracy with a network compressed by a factor of 32X. This is highly promising for 6DoF pose estimation edge computing on spacecraft.